It's the bane of driver's ed classes and people with bad spatial relations across the world: parallel parking. And nothing's worse than a tiny spot that you can barely fit into, making a thousand-point turn to wiggle your car in. Unless you're Chinese stunt driver Han Yue, then you just spin into the spot and walk away, probably with a metal solo playing in the background.

This is, believe it or not, a record-breaking attempt at parallel parking: Yue fit his car into a space roughly six inches wider than his car. It was set up as part of a promotion for a new Mini Cooper being released in China, and it breaks the previous record by a good two inches.

Speaking of which, this is a pretty hotly contested world record: it's been held by five people in two years. Apparently, if you're a stunt driver, parallel parking at ridiculous speeds is just something fun to do.

Now for the most important question: does Han Yue teach driver's ed? If we all knew how to do this, it'd probably save everyone a lot of time parking.