Two giant pandas left their home in China for new digs at ZooParc de Beauval in France on Sunday, and, yes, the pandas went FedEx Express! Vetstreet's Kristen Seymour has more on the story.

So how do you overnight an endangered species? The 3-year-old giant pandas — Huan Huan, a female, and Yuan Zi, a male — made the 5,489-mile nonstop flight from Chengdu Airport in China to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in France aboard a specially chartered Boeing 777F flight, cleverly called the FedEx Panda Express. This is the first time giant pandas have resided in France in more than 10 years.

FedEx Express donated its logistical services to bring France its newest (and most adorable) immigrants. The company has also moved polar bears, white tigers, elephants, penguins, mountain lions, gorillas, eagles and even a 13-foot tiger shark used in the filming of 'Jaws.'

The pandas were joined on the flight by animal care experts who received special flight privileges to ride with the cargo for the trip. Once the flight touched down, the pandas were transferred to ZooParc de Beauval's giant panda enclosure.

Pandas FedExed
Panda Express

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