It doesn't get cuter than a baby animal -- except maybe a baby animal that drives his mom or dad MAD CRAZY because they want to play. Yes, it's rude. And yes, it's adorable. Here are five baby animals that think it's playtime!

  • 1

    Baby Elephant Harasses Mom

    Human moms probably think they have it SO HARD when their kids jump around and want to play with them. They'll reconsider when they see this elephant mom's plight -- despite the fact that she's obviously exhausted, her baby wants to play. And wants to play now. Must-See Moment: The-get-your-big-stupid-butt-out-my-face push Ma gives Babe at 0:50. 

  • 2

    One Lion, Seven Cubs

    The National Zoo's lion pride had a baby boom in summer 2011 -- seven cubs were born to two different lionesses. Good for the moms, adorable for us...bad news for lion Luke, who has no choice but to roll over and take it as the entire crew of cubs climbs all over him. Must-See Moment: The one-on-one wrestling match that Luke starts with a cub around 0:45.

  • 3

    Panda Mom Chews Bamboo, Ignores Baby

    Pandas love bamboo so much, they don't mind if their ears get bitten off. At least that's what it seems based on the way this panda parent resoundingly ignore its cub. Must-See Moment: The baby and bamboo gymnastics that begin around 1:05. Roll!

  • 4

    Polar Bear Cubs Play, Mom Sleeps

    It must've been a tough night on the tundra, because this mother polar bear can barely keep her eyes open while her two cubs wrestle on top of her. Count 'em: she blinks her sleepy eyes open just twice before nodding off again. Must-See Moment: The way the more tired cub rests its head on mom's tired head around 1:35. Looks like at least someone is a little sleepy.

  • 5

    Baby Snow Leopard Plays With Mom

    This baby leopard probably wants to snuggle more than it wants to play -- but it's still vying for mom's attention when mom would clearly prefer to be napping. Must-See Moment: The whisker-pulling that happens around 10 seconds in. That looks like it hurts!

  • 6

    BONUS PAYBACK CLIP - Mom Soaks Cub

    Let this video serve as a warning to all baby animals who insist on playing while their parents are trying to relax. All this lioness wants to do is give her cub a nice (tongue) bath. Instead, she knocks it into a moat. Oopsy! See, parents of all species get clumsy when tired. Must-See Moment: The cub's post-dip brushoff. You can almost hear it thinking, "Come on, Ma!"

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