The animal kingdom is going to the cats.

Forget fetching the paper or catching a Frisbee -- the owner of this dog is focused on teaching her pooch to meow like a cat. The pup is just a scratching post and shooting-daggers-in-its-owner's-eyes when she has the audacity to come home away from being an actual feline.

When the ensuing identity crisis occurs is anyone's guess.

Where could this Island of Dr. Moreau-esque behavior possibly lead? First, dogs are meowing. Then, cats will start oinking, cows will begin ribbiting and rabbits will mimic whatever the heck sound giraffes make.

Forget the apes -- it feels like all the animals will rise up and fight man.

Or, perhaps we're reading just a wee bit too much into this and should just give a little chuckle at the sight and sound of a dog meowing.