This is why owls shouldn't be put to work during the day.

This owl was supposed to fly wedding rings to a couple enjoying their big day (it looks like it's after the ceremony, since so many people are seated at tables in a reception hall), but decided to try and abscond with the jewelry.

No manhunt would be needed on this day, though, because the owl flew smack right into a pane of glass and fell right down. How embarrassing.

We're not sure if this falls into the category of stupid criminals or adorable animals.

Either way, you can see it's light outside and that's usually when owls sleep, right? So, let's just chalk this up to the bird being tired and totally ready to take on the day yet -- even if it was as a thief.

While this fella clearly didn't give a hoot about doing a good job, he'd be a wise owl to watch one of his own show the right way to be a ring bearer.