This cop is getting some serious for love for lending a helping hand.

Phil Taylor, a police officer in Orting, Wash. was snapped on camera helping Joanne Butts, an 85-year-old blind woman cross a busy intersection last Friday.

Kyle Butler happened to be in the area and took a picture, which he posted to Facebook:

Butts explained how it all went down:

"I started to take a step out into the crosswalk and just about that time from my left I heard a screech of brakes in gravel that was close to me, so I stopped again. That's when the police officer came up to me and said, 'I'm an Orting police officer and I want to make sure you get across the road safely.'"

Butts truly appreciated Officer Taylor's help. She said, "The world abounds with kind people. The good things that they do need to be known, and I'm sure he's done acts of kindness many many times, but there was just no one there to take a picture of it."

Taylor, meanwhile said, ""She looked like she needed a hand and I was in the right place at the right time."