When tasked with making a short film for Nike focusing on their new "Make It Count" campaign, viral guru Casey Neistat and his filmmaker friend Max Joseph used their inflated budget to shoot this spot that is hardly cut from the mold of your typical Nike commercial.

Rather than using that sweet Nike cash to, say, hire Jeremy Lin for a 30-second promo, these guys actually "made it count" by traveling around the world in 10 days, filming the entire trip.

They don't really mention it verbally, but the ad appears to be promoting the Nike+ FuelBand. It's a bracelet that measures your everyday activity while keeping track of the amount of calories that you burn throughout the day. (You charge the gadget, which costs $150, through your USB port.)

How many calories do you think Casey and Max burned during their sweet Nike-funded vacation around the world? Probably not nearly as many dollars as they spent making this video. Still, if you had the chance to see the world in 10 days, would you capitalize on the opportunity? Would you (ahem) make it count?