For Nike, all things awesome, movement and energy count, according to their recent ‘Counts’ commercial. In the ad you see sports, television and movie icons (and even a viral champ or two) making it count. But what’s the catchy song in the commercial?

The song is ‘I See You Baby’ (Fatboy Slim remix) by Groove Armada. The London dance duo got together in the mid-'90s and actually opened their own club. The club was also called Groove Armada, named for the '70s discotheque that was its inspiration.

This funky dance pop team released the single ‘I See You Baby’ on their debut album, 'Vertigo,' in 1999. The album made it to the top 20 in the British charts, which helped the song earn enough attention to get a remix from Fatboy Slim. After the release of this album, Groove Armada did a stint as Elton John’s opening band in 2000.

See the commercial and Groove Armada’s original video for the song below.