A near mint condition copy of 'Action Comics #1,' the comic book featuring the first appearance of Superman,  just fetched $2.16 million dollars at an online auction. And like many things both strange and nerdy, the record-breaking comic book sale has an interesting history with actor Nicolas Cage.

According to reports, Cage originally bought the comic in 1997 for $150,000. Then, in 2000, it was reportedly stolen from his home only to be found earlier this year in an abandoned storage locker by an unidentified man.

At the time, Cage, who had already received insurance money for the theft, expressed interest in getting the book back. Is this a scenario straight out of 'Detective Comics,' or what?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, many in the comic book world are speculating Cage did in fact get it back, and that he was the anonymous seller who offered it up for auction. It seems this case is getting curiouser and curiouser. Either way, you're probably kicking yourself for letting your mom throw out your old comic books right about now.

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