There are a lot of people out there who'd utterly freak out upon finding a bear ravaging their car, but Neil Patrick Harris isn't one of them. He proved to the world that he knows how to keep calm when faced with this exact situation. Of course, he also knew that his "bear attack" was just a stunt pulled by those jokesters at 'Punk'd.'

After Harris went for a hike with his "better half" David Burtka and his personal assistant, he found the not-so-little bear chillin' in his car. But that epically failed to get any sort of flip-out moment from him. In fact, he started cracking jokes and speaking in "bear talk."

So what tipped him off to the prank? Oh nothing, just the "actor-looking" bystanders conveniently stationed right next to the scene. Sorry 'Punk'd,' but you don't mess with NPH.