Neil Patrick Harris is one cool dude. He knows how to speak bear and he takes getting groped by a 'Price is Right' contestant like a champ. If that's not enough for you to prove his sheer awesomeness, let us break some fantastic news: he's now joined forces with The Muppets to create a strangely awesome new web series called 'Neil's Puppet Dreams.'

The 8-part series was written by David Burtka, NPH's partner, and all episodes will be shown on the Nerdist Channel. Basically, the first of these shorts features Neil, David and a few of the lesser-known Muppet characters who try and woo NPH to sleep with a soothing lullaby. We have no idea if there's any point to it all, but it does make for the perfect diversion from our Gangnam Style obsession.

Upcoming episodes are supposedly NSFW, incorporating "drag queens, puppet sex and nudity" which is a little weird, although we're assuming it'll somehow work. NPH can basically sell us on anything.