Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, aka the 'Mythbusters,' returned last week with an episode that finally put the JATO rocket car myth to bed. It's the culmination of 200 episodes of blowing things up, burning things down and generally showing the fun side of ridiculous scientific experiments.

And, of course, it's yielded some wonderful GIFs. Here's why we love the show, a GIF at a time.

1. Adam Sums Up Far Too Many Days At The Office.

2. It's Such A Quiet, Restrained Show.

3. If You Don't Like Frantic People, They Get Theirs.

4. It Always Has a Handy Plot Summary.

5. It's a Great Source of Car Advice.

6. It Confirms Everything You Suspected In High School Science Class.

7. Jamie's 'Stache Is Often Imitated, Never Duplicated.

8. Things Rarely Go According To Plan.

9. Dancing Is an Important Part of Science.

10. Even They Question Their Expertise.

11. Everything Is Compelling In Slow Motion.

12. It's A Respectful Workplace.

13. Albeit Often A Terrifying One.

14. Things Never Go Wrong. Ever.

15. Have We Mentioned Adam Is Highly Quotable?

16. Tory Is Frequently Injured...

17. ...And Kari Is Adorable...

18. ...Albeit Not Immune to Injury Either.

19. Produce Suffers The Greatest Indignities.

20. And There's Always A Surprise.