Remember back in 2005 when Myspace was cool? We blogged about our crush from middle school science class, took those "what would you do if..." surveys, and felt honored when we made it into someone's "top friends" box. Those were the days.

That was also before Facebook and Twitter took over our online lives, and to be honest, it’s a little upsetting one of the premiere social networks has fallen by the wayside. But brace yourselves all you Myspace mourners, because we have fantastic news: MySpace is getting a makeover, and we have Justin Timberlake to thank.

Last year, Timberlake and Specific Media purchased the company for $35 million, and ever since, they have been working to amp up the Myspace cool factor by completely redoing the site. Although a launch date has yet to be released, Timberlake took to Twitter on Monday to share a preview video, and all we'll say is it's really, really cool.

The new Myspace layout has a clean, Pinterest-type feel, and it looks as though users will be able to seamlessly scroll horizontaly from one area to another, which is a new feature among social media hot spots. The revamp will also have a strong emphasis on music, and Facebook and Twitter can be used to connect through the site.

What do you think-- is Myspace about to make a huge comeback or should we leave it in our tween pasts?

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