The world of Reddit is a strange and unusual place. Case in point: There is a subreddit called My Little Damon which is dedicated wholly to superimposing Matt Damon's face onto animated scenes from the popular cartoon 'My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.'

Why? Well, with the internet's virtually limitless bandwidth, shouldn't the question be "Why Not?"

The rules of 'My Little Damon' seem to be the image has to include at least one photo of the 'We Bought a Zoo''s star's face, and then something 'My Little Pony' related. It doesn't matter if Damon is the pony, or if he is interacting with the colorful mini horses in some way.

The result images turn Matt into what is known on the internet as a "Brony," a name used to describe grown-up male fans of 'My Little Pony.' We're not sure why Reddit decided to turn Matt into a Brony, since he's never admitted to being a fan of the show. But yet, here we are.

While we recommend you check out the magical place for yourself, we've compiled a few of our favorite 'My Little Damons,' which are below. Tolerate and love -- how do you like them apples?