Based on the real-life experiences of writer (and 'Law and Order' creator) Dick Wolf, 'School Ties' follows a young Jewish man named David Greene (Brendan Fraser) as he's accepted into a prestigious prep school and must hide his religious background from his antisemitic classmates. Released in 1992, the film boasted an incredible cast, including then little-known actors Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. 21 years later, we take a look back at the cast and see what they're up to now.

Brendan Fraser, David Greene

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Then: Brendan Fraser, who previously starred in 'Encino Man,' took a much more dramatic turn in 'School Ties' as David Greene, a Jewish guy who accepts a sports scholarship to a prestigious prep school. When his new antisemitic classmates and friends discover he's Jewish, they turn on him.

Now: Fraser recently lent his voice to the animated film 'Escape from Planet Earth,' and appears in the upcoming movie 'Gimme Shelter' with Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson.

Matt Damon, Charlie Dillon

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Then: Though he had appaered in the films 'Mystic Pizza' and 'Field of Dreams,' 'School Ties' gave Matt Damon his first major role as Charlie Dillon, David's biggest adversary in the film.

Now: Damon and his 'School Ties' co-star and BFF Ben Affleck went on to write the 1996 film 'Good Will Hunting,' which won them the Academy Award for best screenplay. Damon recently appeared in the films 'Elysium' and 'Behind the Candelabra,' and can be seen next in 'The Zero Theorem' and 'Monuments Men.' He's been rumored to return to the 'Bourne' franchise.

Chris O'Donnell, Chris Reece

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Then: Chris O'Donnell played Chris Reece, David's roommate and the one friend who stands by him when everyone is against him.

Now: O'Donnell went on to play Robin in 'Batman Forever' and 'Batman and Robin.' He currently stars on the network drama 'NCIS: Los Angeles,' and has guest-starred on 'Hawaii Five-0.' He is planning to release an autobiography titled 'I Never Hosted Saturday Night Live.'

Randall Batinkoff, Rip van Kelt

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Then: Randall Batinkoff, star of 'For Keeps' and 'The Stepford Children,' played head prefect Rip van Kelt, who ultimately comes to David's rescue at the end of the film when David is accused of cheating on an exam -- when it was really Charlie who cheated.

Now: Batinkoff went on to appear in the films 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' and 'As Good As it Gets' (in which he had a small role, but shared a kiss with Helen Hunt). More recently, he appeared as "Man in Black Suit Agent" in 'X-Men: First Class,' and (unrecognizably) as criminal Tre Fernandez in 'Kick-Ass' -- he also provided the voices of Kick-Ass, Red Mist, and Big Daddy in the 'Kick-Ass' video game.

Cole Hauser, Jack Connors

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Then: Cole Hauser made his big screen debut as Jack Connors, one of David's teammats and friends who turns on him when he finds out David is Jewish.

Now: Hauser went on to star in '2 Fast 2 Furious' and 'Paparazzi,' and stuck to the action genre with recent appearances in 'A Good Day to Die Hard' and 'Olympus Has Fallen.' He can be seen next in Christopher Nolan's 'Transcendence.'

Ben Affleck, Chesty Smith

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Then: A then-unknown actor by the name of Ben Affleck played Chesty Smith (which sounds like a porn star name), one of David's classmates who has a pretty small role in the film.

Now: Affleck had a small, uncredited role alongside 'School Ties' co-star Batinkoff in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' He went on to win an Oscar with Damon for their 'Good Will Hunting' screenplay, and Affleck recently won the Oscar for best director for his 2012 film 'Argo.' Since 2005 he's been married to actress Jennifer Garner, whom he met while filming 'Daredevil.' The actor was recently cast as Batman in the upcoming 'Man of Steel' sequel, and his next directing project is the film 'Live By Night.'

Anthony Rapp, Richard "McGoo" Collins

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Then: 'Adventures in Babysitting' star Anthony Rapp played Richard Collins -- though Charlie Dillon is the main antagonist, it's Richard who leads the antisemitic charge at the school.

Now: Rapp worked with Affleck again in the 1993 film 'Dazed and Confused.' In 1994, Rapp originated the lead role of Mark Cohen in the Broadway production of 'Rent' -- in 2005, he reprised the role for the film version, and in again in 2009 for the official Broadway tour. He continues to act both on stage and screen, appearing in the film 'The Other Woman,' and guest-starring on an episode of 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.'

Amy Locane, Sally Wheeler

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Then: Amy Locane played Sally Wheeler, David's love interest and a point of contention between David and Charlie. Locane previously appeared in the John Waters film 'Cry-Baby' with Johnny Depp.

Now: Two years later, Locane reunited with Fraser for the comedy film 'Airheads' with Adam Sandler and Steve Buscemi. She had a recurring role in the 90s on 'Melrose Place,' and appeared in the films 'Bongwater' and 'Secretary.' In 2010, Locane was driving drunk when she collided with another vehicle, killing a 60 year old woman and injuring the woman's husband. Earlier this year, Locane was sentenced to three years in prison for the crime.