It's the ultimate First World problem.

A 15-year-old girl in Canada called 911 because her parents made her go on vacation with them. The girl was not pleased when her folks demanded she go with them to a cottage they rented outside of Toronto, so she did the only thing any logical, hormone-driven, miserable-to-the-point-she'd-taken-a-step-you'd-only-see-in-a-bad-'80s-sitcom person would do and got on the horn with cops.

A policeman said, "This appeared to be a case of a teenager being a teenager. Although she perceived this as a real issue, it was not an appropriate use of 911."

Yeah, you get the feeling even millennials are rolling their eyes at this girl. We're not sure what her end game was -- did she want to be whisked home where she'd have a blowout without any parental supervision? Did she think the cops would airlift the family to a more exotic locale? Did she hope police would improve her bandwidth so she could hop on social media to complain about how lame her dad is?

In the end, authorities, who checked out the cottage to make sure everything was okay, told the girl 911 is only supposed to be used in case of an emergency. And we're betting her parents told her that her punishment includes getting up before dawn to pack lunches for the all-day family hike.