Sorry 'Monopoly' fans, you're going to have to say good-bye to one iconic game piece soon. According to a recent Facebook post, 'Monopoly' wants their fans to vote on which piece is their favorite. The item with the fewest votes will be kicked out of the game, 'American Idol'-style.

So which piece will be safe? Will it be the Scottie dog? The battleship? That random iron? Or the wheelbarrow? (We all know the shoe's days are numbered.) The fate of 'Monopoly' is in your hands, Facebook users, so you should vote for your favorite ASAP to make sure that it is safe.

Once the least popular game piece is retired, it will either be replaced with a cat, a diamond ring, a guitar, a helicopter, or a toy robot. But don't worry, board game fans -- this has happened before. reports that previously retired pieces include a horse and rider, a lantern and a purse. We wish they'd kept the purse in, as it makes far more sense as a game piece than an iron. Oh well, such is the perilous life of a board game item.

Once you head over to their Facebook page to cast your vote, don't forget to tune into 'The Today Show' on February 6th, 2013 to see which game piece was retired and what new token will take its place.

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