Monopoly *IS* Fun
You probably think of Monopoly as that excruciating board game you have to play with your family, unless your mom likes to make her nephews cry and it gets banned from the house (thanks, Mom!). It turns out it's not the Parker Bros.' fault that the game is so mind-numbingly dull -- it&apos…
Tamagotchi App!!
Remember Tamagotchi? The handheld digital pet, which you raised from an egg to an adult creature, was all the rage in the '90s.
Now it's back, as an app.
D&D Is Educational
When you look at someone, you are immediately drawn to their eyes. Scientists have been unsure if this is because humans are programmed to stare at eyes or at faces in general.
Alan Kingstone, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, had been working on this quandary and was having troub…
Competitive Horseshoes Has Some Tough Competitors
Being a pro athlete takes a ridiculous amount of hard work and dedication. You have to watch your diet to the most detailed calorie. You have to do an ungodly amount of strength and endurance training. You put your career, future and life on the line every time you take the playing field. Believe it…
‘Games We Play’ Resurrects Your Weird Childhood Games
Good news, grownups of the world who still make a concerted effort not to step on the cracks in the sidewalk -- you're not alone! As this charming video shows, a lot of the unspoken games you played as a child were apparently universal, and lots of adults still play them. So you can quit worryi…
Ready Steady Bang Offers 30 Ways to Kill a Cowboy [VIDEO]
The popular iPhone app Ready Steady Bang puts the fun back in shooting people.
In the game, two cowboys (one of them being you) engage in a low-tech animated shoot out... but it's funner than it sounds. Just like the creatively-kill-yourself-with-office-supplies game from Adult Swim, you must use you…

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