One would think after the 'Battleship' debacle there'd be a reluctance to base movies on board games. Alas, Hasbro recently signed a deal with Universal to bring more games to the big screen, including (yes, this is real) 'Hungry Hungry Hippos.'

The video above is not an official trailer for 'Hungry Hungry Hippos.' (Or 'HHH,' as it's dramatically referred to.) It's just a fake teaser from the Film School Rejects. Is it satire? Unfortunately, we imagine the real trailer will look an awful lot like this.

And good move one the Rejects part including Liam Neeson in the action. A man who somehow made it through 'Battleship' with a straight face and faced off against a different species of hungry beasts in 'The Grey' definitely needs to star in this impending train-wreck.