Now, THIS is some serious monkey business.

A monkey in China's Sichuan province made off with a tourist's cell phone after in what may be the most adorable theft you'll ever witness.

The primate helps itself to some food the woman offers, but then deftly and swiftly reaches out to grab the phone before scampering away, exemplifying that old expression "Don't pilfer from the hand that feeds you."

We're guessing the monkey ran into the forest and texted everyone it knows to brag about the crime it committed before checking out Pinterest, taking a few selfies, asking Siri "Why do monkeys fling their poop?" and depleting the woman's bank account buying every single Planet of the Apes movie on DVD on Amazon.

It's unclear if the woman managed to retrieve her phone, but considering the fascination monkeys have with their poop, maybe it's better she didn't.

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