Even when you're an adult, it's hard to remember to empty out your pockets before you wash your shorts or pants. When you're a carefree kid, it's darn near impossible.

Luckily kids have moms, who dutifully empty out their little one's pockets before tossing their clothing into the washer.

Redditor justgrant2009's mom actually saved all the things she found in his pocket when he was a boy. Then she presented the memories to him encased in a lamp on the occasion of his wedding. Check out this innovative gift, decades in the making.

Lamp 1
lamp 2

Hot Wheels. A Gameboy game. A Magic School Bus McDonald's toy.  It would appear from what he left in his pockets justgrant2009 had a pretty typical childhood.

If your mom sprung a similar surprise gift on you, what would we be looking at?

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