How many times can we expect the discovery of moldy pizza to make headlines? We’re going to take a wild guess and say definitely zero times. However, when we saw this snapshot on Reddit, we were proven very, very wrong.

You see, some guy came across a curious lime green tupperware container in his office fridge, and inside he found deliciously fuzzy, yucky, extra moldy slices of pizza. Actually, nix the delicious part --we’re still sort of gagging. Even better? This guy claims the pizza dates back to the decade of Clinton and alternative rock.

While we often forget about last night’s leftovers for months on end more often than not, we still have one burning question: how on earth does pizza go completely undetected in a full-service office fridge for almost twenty years?! Quite frankly, we’re really impressed!

It’s not exactly clear how the mold-discoverer can be absolutely certain these slices of pie are from the '90s, but judging by what looks like sausage bits turned into rocky meat craters straight from the valleys of the moon, we’ll take his word for it. Now that this funky, rotten pizza has gone viral, we wonder if the culprit will recognize the forgotten-about meal and fess up. Wouldn’t that be a cool claim to fame! Get a closer look at this preserved pizza artifact below.