Your Super Bowl party will have a hard time “topping” the one Mark Evans is trying to put on.

The 53-year-old retired Air Force master sergeant from Elk Grove, Illinois wants to send more than 20,000 pizzas to troops stationed in the Middle East for the Super Bowl.

Keep that in mind when you get stressed about which six-foot sub to order in for your co-workers coming to your house for the big game.

Evans has been down this road before. He’s launched an initiative called Pizza for Patriots, which has delivered more than 120,000 pizzas to soldiers overseas on 11 different occasions.

Evans said he came up with the idea a few years ago while eating pizza and watching the news with his high school-aged son. His son asked if they could send pizza to the troops and a labor of love was born. The duo caught a major break because it turned out Evans had a friend with access to General David Petraeus’ email, enabling them to skip all the red tape in order to get clearance.

Evans had planned to send 300 pizzas in his first delivery, but several organizations rallied to his aid and he wound up with enough money to ship 3,000 pies to the troops.

Unlike a lot of people who eat too much at a Super Bowl bash, Evans has no plans to stop. He’s already eyeing his next big undertaking: He hopes to send pizzas to more than 125 VA hospitals across the country on Veterans Day. Hope they like pepperoni.

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