When geeks attempt to enter into matrimony, it can end in one of two ways -- utter cuteness or dorky disaster. Thankfully, this proposal at the 2011 'Minecraft' Minecon didn't take the first 8-bit brick path.

The popular 8-bit open world building strategy game regularly holds a convention based around the popular game every year. Jones Soda not only helped sponsor the event, but they also made a special pair of proposal sodas for a "Minecrafter" looking to propose to his girlfriend.

They were called up on stage under the ruse that they had won a special flavor of the soda as part of a promotional contest, but when they took to the stage, the guy got down on one knee and the girl read the special soda label that read, "Will you marry me?"

Jones Soda's warehouse seems to be jam packed with special flavors for every occasion between this and their "Turkey and Gravy" flavor for Thanksgiving. I don't want to know what flavor they have planned for divorces and family funerals.