Um... what? When you're trying to come up with a cover for your magazine, how is "Let's paste Michelle Obama's face onto the body of a half-naked slave" a thought that even enters your mind? And perhaps more puzzling, how is "Great idea! Let's do it!" the thought that comes after that? One Spanish publication, Magazine de Fuera Seria, raises so many questions. Like, did the person who approved this really want to get fired? In this economy? The artist behind the image defends her choices though.

The picture is a recreation of a 19th century painting by Marie-Guillemine Benoist called "Portrait d'une negresse," and was made by Karine Percheron-Daniels, who has created a whole series of famous people painted naked. She says she chose to paint the First Lady this way for "obvious reasons," which she does not define. Understandably, people were offended.

Perhaps strangest of all is that this picture was not commissioned specifically for the magazine. That's right, out of all the pictures in the entire world of Michelle Obama, this is the one that Magazine Fuera de Seria thought was best. Brain exploding in three... two... one.

Michelle Obama Slave Magazine

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