The White House tour has long been a ritual for those who visit Washington DC. It's not the world's easiest ticket to get. In fact, you have to apply for one through your congressperson. But if you do snag one of the spots, the self guided tour is a lot of fun -- and completely free. But even then, some tours are more awesome than others, and one recent group got the tour of a lifetime courtesy of the First Lady herself.

As you can see, Michelle Obama spent 80 minutes Friday morning surprising those who were scheduled for a tour with a meet and greet. The First Lady wore a stylish black and white dress, and for some of the session the family dog, Bo, was at her side. (Think of the pressure a White House dog is under -- bite a rambunctious tourist and it could be a political scandal.)

It's unclear if she actually gave any tours -- which would be quite a treat. But she certainly showed that she has a lot of stamina for shaking hands and giving hugs.