Not many people can say they've hip-bumped America's favorite FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Normally, you'd get yourself shot for such a thing. But for 'Late Night' host Jimmy Fallon, it was all part of the bit.

On Friday night's episode, Fallon and Obama got down on the dance floor and dished out the Evolution of Mom Dancing. (Remember the "Evolution of Dance" videos? This is like that, only with more hand parts from Beyonce's 'Single Ladies.')

It was just over two minutes filled with some of those moves that Mom embarrassed you with during your adolescence, such as the 'Go Shopping, Get Groceries,' the 'Hip Bump,' the 'Sprinkler,' the 'Happy Snapper,' and of course, the 'Dougie.'

The bit was in honor of the First Lady's 'Let's Move' campaign, which aims to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Who do you think was the better dancer? (Michelle, right?) And how did Fallon's latest dance-off medley compare to his epic potato sack race against the First Lady?

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