While Ellen likes to lavish her guests with gifts, she is also fond of pulling pranks on those who sit on her talk show's couch. Just ask Kristen Bell, who Ellen once tricked into thinking she would get to hold one of her beloved sloths when in fact there was no such cuddle beast backstage.

Megan Fox also felt the wrath of Ellen's mischievous side during an apperence ealier this week.

The actress was telling an anecdote about her only "real" job, which entailed dressing up like a giant banana to promote a smoothie shop.  Then this happened.

The old banana man prank. Gets them every time. Fox became pretty animated when she felt the hands of the giant fruit on her, didn't she?

Critics have long dismissed Fox's acting as wooden. But maybe the problem has simply been that there wasn't a banana man on the sets of films like 'Transformers' and 'Jonah Hex' to loosen her up.