Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg finally tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan after the Facebook IPO and his 28th birthday. So, how did we find out that this lucky woman made an honest man out of one of the most talked about billionaires? We just checked out his relationship status on Facebook.

Accompanying the announcement came the above photo of the happy couple from their home in Palo Alto, CA, courtesy of Chan's Facebook page.

About 100 of the couple's closest friends and family came out to what they thought was Chan's UC San Francisco graduation party on Saturday. But when they arrived, they were all shocked to discover it was actually a wedding.

Though both Chan and Zuckerberg had been planning the ceremony for months, the groom still had a surprise tucked up his sleeve. Or rather, in his pocket. The Facebook CEO gave his new bride a custom-made ruby ring of his own design.

Plus, for the backyard, family-style wedding reception, they shared food from their favorite restaurants in California and finished off the dinner with the first dessert they ate as a couple, Burdick chocolate mice. Who knew the man we all pretended to know from 'The Social Network' could be so romantic?

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