There are two ways of dealing with inconsiderate neighbors: you can tune them out, or you can take the much more fun route and internet shame them. That's exactly what London Borough of Hackney resident Oli Beale decided to do in the midst of a neighborhood soiree.

At around 2:30 am, when his neighbors were presumably wheeling out their karaoke machine, Beale decided to draft a sign rating their singing performances. He took out a piece of cardboard and got to work.

"Your terrace faces 115 windows," he wrote. "So you really did have the perfect stage. I'm sure you're keen to hear our verdict."

The brilliantly passive-aggressive note goes on to lambast the drunken revelers performance of such classics as The Who's 'Pinball Wizard' ("3 out of 10"),  Aerosmith's 'Walk This Way' ("1 out of 10"), and Elton John's 'Tiny Dancer,' which he begrudgingly (playfully?) admitted was a pretty good ("7 out of 10") rendition.

Beale then posted the sign in his building's communal residence board, and delighted the internet with a twitpic. While the note did end in a rather condemning "I hate you," Beale later backpedaled, telling the London Telegraph, “The poor guys, they were probably just having a party. It’s not like I’m striding around absolutely fuming.”

We bet this will cause other neighbors to think twice before their next neighborhood karaoke fete.