Getting arrested for DUI must be bad enough, but imagine the additional embarrassment of getting busted for drunk driving on a lawnmower. That's what happened to a 69-year-old man in Wisconsin last Saturday.

Police came upon Charles Gray while he was riding a lawnmower down a busy stretch of highway. At first, Gray refused to pull over and motioned for the squad car to go around him. But eventually he pulled into a local Walgreens parking lot and was apprehended.

Gray told cops he only had one beer that day, but a breathalyzer showed his blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit. Oops!

Gray, who claimed he didn't know it was illegal to drive a lawnmower on the street, has three previous drunk driving arrests. (And now, a fourth.) Maybe the city could recruit him to take care of the pesky weed problem by the highway.

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