This raccoon is all about squatters' rights.

If you think raccoons are nothing more than those annoying animals whose sole mission in life is to get into your trash, this may make you think again.

Let's set the scene here for you, per the YouTube description: "A mother raccoon very protective over babies while man tries to kick them out."

The man uses a broom to coax the raccoon out of a basket on his deck. The raccoon is NOT pleased the man wants her out of there, so she lunges at him. The man reciprocates (note the NSFW language), but we're not done just yet. Just when it seems like the raccoon may scamper off for good, she comes running back right at the man in a scary confrontation if there ever was one.

A few seconds later, we hear the man -- but not see him -- ask if there are babies in the basket, which may explain why the raccoon was so intense. You don't mess with a mama and her babies, no matter what the species.

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