Jeremy Combs couldn't bear the thought of eating Taco Bell without some extra spice.

So when the 30-year-old returned home from the the fast food restaurant and found no hot sauce in his order, he hopped right into his pick up truck, drove back to Taco Bell, and pulled a shotgun on the drive-thru worker responsible for the oversight.

The employee dove back into the store and called the cops who found Combs an hour later, back at home. Initially, Combs didn't deny the lack of hot sauce had sent him into a rage, but claimed he had brandished a tire iron, not a shotgun.

That story fell apart when surveillance video showed Combs with a shotgun, which the police found in his residence. Combs was then arrested on various federal and state charges. It should come as no surprise that his rap sheet already included 14 felony arrests and three felony convictions -- no word on how many were condiment-related.