Have you ever watched the 'Lord of the Rings' movies and wished you could live in that lush, green, fantasy world? What about in the Hobbits' underground home The Shire?

Simon Dale, a man tired of mortgages and possessing a love for the beauty of nature, decided he had to get away from the stressful politics of home ownership and just build his own real life Hobbiton. 

Built in Wales for his family, the handcrafted Hobbit holes cost approximately $5,200 and took about 1500 hours of labor. But the effort paid off-- Dale's Hobbiton looks just like the one from the popular movie franchise while also blending completely into its surroundings.

Considering that Dale is a photographer by trade with almost no training as a carpenter, it's incredibly impressive how well the house turned out. We wish we could build one for ourselves.

Check some photos of Dale's custom-made Hobbit home below. You can see more photos of the home at his site.

Simon Dale
Simon Dale

[via My Modern Met]