Thanks to the opening night of 'The Hobbit' being only a few weeks a way, the internet is being inundated with Tolkien spoofs. This particularly giggle-worthy mash-up combines the colorful animation of 'My Little Pony' with the epic drama of 'Lord of the Rings.'

The scenes that will have Tolkien-ites laughing is the opening scene that spoofs Galadriel's monologue, the fact that the One Ring is now a magical horseshoe and the parody of the Council of Elrond. Some funny one-liners from the Council scene includes: "the horse shoe won't increase your swag," "no pony simply trots into Mordor,"  and "If Sauron is such a naysayer, why don't we convert him with the magic of friendship?" Such a shame that these one-liners weren't included in the original 'LOTR' trilogy -- it would've made some parts of the movies more lively.

If you're looking for a cute and amusing 'Lord of the Rings' spoof to increase your anticipation for 'The Hobbit, then this creative mash-up is the video for you.

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