The Joker's on him.

Jeremy Putnam, 31, appeared in a Winchester, Va. court on Monday to explain exactly why he thought it'd be a good idea to wear makeup like the Joker.

Police arrested Putnam last month for the odd fashion statement -- which also featured him sporting a cape and a sword -- after several people called 911 to report spotting the comic book character.

Putnam, who was prohibited from wearing any kind of face paint, told the court he meant no harm. "I thought why just be a fan when I can be the actual person," he said. "But not like a lunatic like he is. But more of a funny type."

Putnam, who has several tattoos in honor of the Joker, also told Fox 5, "I'm a very big fan of Batman, and the Joker is like one of the big deals of all. Everyone likes the Joker."

Sure, keep thinking that, pal. And while you do, let's just remind you that clowns in general are ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING, SO STOP IT!

The only saving grace here is that at least he didn't get dressed as Pennywise from It.

Lest you think scaring the holy heck out of people is the crime here, think again. Authorities charged Putnam with wearing a mask in public, which is a no-no because it prevents people from seeing your face. And we're starting to think this nut may have  a face only a mother could love.

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