The folks at Lowe’s home improvement stores want us to keep improving all our lives. In their ‘Don’t Stop’ commercial, we see a family start and grow while seamlessly changing their surroundings. But what’s the song?

The song, which is graciously credited at the end of the spot, is ‘Don’t Stop’ by Gin Wigmore. The song appeared on her first full-length release in 2010 called ‘Holy Smoke.’ There’s no official video for it, but you can see her perform it live below, as well as the Lowe's ad it now enhances.

Wigmore is an Australia-based singer/songwriter whose roots are in New Zealand. The ‘Holy Smokes’ album, which she made on her own, landed her accolades and a deal with Motown. This resulted in a trip to the US, some time spent getting all the bluesy feel possible out of Mississippi and album production in Santa Monica with some top dogs. The result is the newly released ‘Gravel & Wine.’ Gin Wigmore is currently touring her New Zealand homeland to kick off her album release.

Check out the Lowe's commercial and Gin Wigmore's live rendition of 'Don't Stop' below.

Lowe’s 'Don't Stop' Commercial

Gin Wigmore's Live Performance of 'Don't Stop'