After we forgot to include him in our look back at the 'Little Giant's' cast,' Marcus Toji, who played the pee-wee team's kicker in the film, fired back with a funny web video aimed at our ignorance.

He was also nice enough to answer some questions about the 1995 sports comedy, which starred Rick Moranis, Ed O'Neill and whole bunch of tween-aged actors.

See what Toji has to say about being (almost) still recognized for the role, and what was going on under the bleachers during the filming of the '90s classic.

Do you still get recognized for your role in ‘Little Giants?’
Not unless I'm hanging out with Todd [Bosley, who played Jake Berman]. People always recognize him and then look at me funny. One time, a person started freaking out when they saw Todd, started quoting 'Little Giants,' then looked at me. They said, "You look familiar too." They couldn't FIGURE IT OUT! They were just talking about the same movie! A lot of times, when I know they don't recognize me, I like to offer to take a photo of them with Todd. Then 10 minutes later they come back and tell me who I am and wanna take a picture. It's a fun little game.

More often I get recognized for working on the Disney Channel's 'Movie Surfers' or Nickelodeon's 'Zoey 101.' So needless to say its a bunch of 12-year-old girls.

Was there a lot of camaraderie on the set of 'Little Giants?' Do you still keep in touch with any of the other actors besides Todd?
We were a bunch of tweens hanging out together all summer, so of course there was a lot of camaraderie. I think once it went into 'Lord of the Flies' territory while enjoying a role-playing game under the bleachers, but luckily we had to go to set.

[Todd and I] still see Shawna Waldron (Ice Box) from time to time. The one sad thing about the movie was they did this nationwide casting call. So after filming everyone went their separate ways. Some of us are in LA, but the only other [cast member] I know the whereabouts of is Troy Simmons (Hot Hands), in North Carolina...or South...crap.

What was it like, as a 10-year-old, to be in a movie that your friends may have seen?
Well, it's like being in a really big expensive school recital. You're up on stage, parents are filming. It gets shown to people. Later, people tell you they enjoyed it. But then you suddenly realize that MILLIONS of people that you've never met have seen it too. That's kind of trippy. Well, in 'Little Giants' case, maybe not millions, but very high hundreds of thousands.

Tell us about Mission 6 Films and your other current projects?
Mission 6 Films is a Comedy YouTube Channel Todd Bosley and I started with our friends Jerry Perez and Ryan Cooper. We usually do stuff on there for humor, but sometimes we just wanna do some strange [stuff]! We have one video called FrontWards. We learned to speak backwards, so that when we play it in reverse it sounds normal.

We've got some things that'll come out soon, so keep and eye out.

Anything more about 'Little Giants' or what Marcus Toji is up to these days you’d like the public to know about?

This year I started a humor blog called My partner Danielle Kraten and I like to rant about the lameness of singlehood, geekiness and the strange messes we get into in our daily lives. All very self-indulgent and narcissistic.

Also, I was [recently] on 'General Hospital' getting flirted with. And coming up, I'll be voicing a few characters in 'Nickelodeon's 'Avatar: Legend of Korra.'

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