So our faces are red. When we published our 'Then and Now' feature on the '90s sports classic 'The Little Giants' a couple weeks ago, we forgot about Marcus Toji, who played the team's kicker who was also named Marcus.

And it's not like Toji has dropped off the face of the Earth, like so many other child actors have. He's still busy accumulating credits, including screentime as a recurring character on 'Zoey 101' and guest roles on shows such as 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' and 'Happy Endings.'

Among those who noticed our egregious oversight was Toji himself. With the help of 'Little Giants' co-star Todd Bosley (who we did remember to include on the list), he has filmed a NSFW video response to our snub.

As you can see in the video above, the pair have not lost the sense of humor they likely honed on the 'Little Giants'' set. In fact, the pair currently work together as the comedy troupe Mission 6. (You can also follow Marcus on Twitter.)

We're so sorry we forgot you, Marcus. We've updated the Then and Now so it now includes Marcus the kicker. And, please...don't sic the Bermanator on us!