The internet has always been a great place for indie bands to make the leap from having a cult following into becoming a household name. The key to scoring big is to make your video unique, and that is exactly what indie group 'Walk Off The Earth' has done in their latest viral hit cover of Malvina Reynolds' song 'Little Boxes.' Yep, the band plays the track with instruments made of, you guessed it, boxes.

WOTE's version of Reynolds' song is a lovely tribute that we predict will  be the background music on any number of  cellphone commercials in the coming months. Just like in their cover of 'Somebody That I Used To Know' that made them internet famous to the tune of 75 million views, WOTE incorporate beautiful harmonies and make the most out of the unique instruments that they use, which in this case are a bunch of cardboard boxes.

Like other bands who see a sudden spike in popularity due to viral Youtube video success, we hope to see a lot more out of Walk Off The Earth. With a little more financial support, they may even be able to afford to play a track with instruments that aren't made of cardboard. Just imagine how great that could be.

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