In recent weeks, we've seen several US servicemembers use YouTube to invite celebrities to accompany them to the upcoming Marine Corps Ball.

First Sgt. Scott Moore asked Mila Kunis, then Cpl. Kelsey De Santis asked Kunis' 'Friends with Benefits' co-star Justin Timberlake, and finally Sgt. Ray Lewis asked everyone's favorite octogenarian, Betty White.

While Kunis and Timberlake were able to accept their invites, White, sadly, was not. But all is not lost.

In a first, we now have a celebrity, actress Linda Hamilton, doing the asking instead. The buff 'Terminator' star filmed her own video in which she acknowledges she's "no Betty White" but requests the honor of joining Lewis at the Ball in White's place.

Hamilton may not have 'The Golden Girls' star's cool factor, but she could probably take on Lewis in a chin-up competition.

Now let's see if he's brave enough to turn her down.

[via Buzzfeed]