If you’re anything like us, you’ve gotten a little tired of all those covers of ‘Let It Go,’ the ridiculously catchy song from Disney’s 2013 blockbuster ‘Frozen.’ However, this one will no doubt come as a surprise.

During a recent concert in Milan, Italy, Pearl Jam took a stab at the anthemic ‘Let It Go,’ adding Eddie Vedder’s signature dusky warble to the tune. The cover certainly breaks the mold of those that came before, since the song has typically been given a bright, plastic sheen by Broadway and pop stars alike.

Pearl Jam’s rendition of the song came as the band was playing its own mega-hit ‘Daughter.’ Check it out in the video above.

If you’re heading to Austin City Limits come October, who knows, you may be treated to Pearl Jam’s version of this new classic. The band is one of the festival’s headlining acts this year.

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