Jeremy Lin's rise from obscure benchwarmer to NBA sensation has been the feel good story of February. However, there has been a dark side to the New Knicks point guard's improbable ascent: the terrible, awful puns based on his last name. 

For whatever reason, sports writers and fans can't stop making Lin's last name into words like "Lin-credible" and "a Lin-derrella story.' And, of course, the gold standard of Lin puns "Lin-sanity."  David Letterman had some fun with this on the 'Late Show' Wednesday night, offering up a top ten list of "Worst Jeremy Lin Puns."

Hmm. A lin-termittent windshield wiper could come in handy on a rainy day. And a lin-terest-bearing lin-vestment grade financial lin-strument seems like it would have a high yield.

Will Letterman's mocking of all these Lin puns finally put an end to the, uh, lin-sanity? Probably not. When it comes to the compulsion to have fun with the phenoms last name, at this point we're probably all lin-fected.

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