Leave it to the kings of late-night to brave Hurricane Sandy yesterday to bring us some comedic relief. Although Frankenstorm forced many shows to suspend broadcasts due to risky weather conditions, that didn't stop Jimmy Fallon and David Letterman from using what they could to garner a few laughs, despite having zero audience members.

Actually, scratch that. Fallon did have one person in the audience-- creepy Mets Bucket Hat guy:

In his cold open, Fallon made his way through 30 Rock and gave us a sneak preview of musical guest Imagine Dragons on his iPhone. He also showed off his best John Travolta impression circa 'Grease,' serenading the camera guys with his take on 'Frankenstorm Sandy.'

Over at 'Late Show with David Letterman,' the funny guy opened up the show by analyzing the would-be monologue, which begs the question, "What are audience-free jokes like?" Answer: hilarious.

Then Denzel Washington randomly showed up in a huge yellow raincoat, proving he's a hurricane champ.

Should Jimmy and Dave go audience-free more often? Or should they have taken the night off?

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