Imagine all your favorite childhood memories combined into one awesome toy. That's exactly what LEGO fan Julius von Brunk did when he created the 'Domaster & Tetrawing' - an amalgamation of the Nintendo Game Boy, the game 'Tetris' and Transformers - that is actually a transforming "Nintendobot." Check out how the Tetris cartridge transforms into the 'Tetrawing' robot below. It'll put your LEGO skills to shame.

Lego Tetris cartridge Transformers

Brunk spent nearly a month creating the transforming Game Boy, as the two models took, as he says,"forever to engineer properly." The robot's arms and legs took the longest, while the decals and stickers were custom printed. Brunk even put in the effort to create a space for two AA batteries, a touch that makes us appreciate his work even more. (Remember how every cool toy used to require batteries?)

Lego Gameboy Transformers back
Lego Gameboy Transformers robot

This isn't Brunk's first Nintendo/Transformers crossover project -- he first made a LEGO mock-up of the famous NES Zapper light gun ('Duck Hunt' anyone?). But it's the ‘Domaster & Tetrawing’ that is earning Brunk a lot of praise and attention from geeks the world over. Although LEGO's own Mindstorm toy line has inspired aspiring robotics engineers to build some amazing functional creations, Brunk's latest project is probably the coolest, and undoubtedly the geekiest, novelty LEGO creation we've seen to date.

[via MOCpages]