Then: Most people probably can't put a face to the name Larisa Oleynik, but any child of the early '90s will tell you that she's none other than the star of the Nickelodeon series 'The Secret World of Alex Mack.' Shortly after the show's series finale, the young actress put aside her character as the girl with radioactive powers for her next big break as Julia Stiles' annoying sister Bianca in '10 Things I Hate About You.' So whatever happened to her?

Now: Were you watching the most recent episode of 'Mad Men' and scratching your head trying to figure out where you recognize Ken Cosgrove's wife from? Well, that's Olyenik all grown up. After her '90s fame fizzled out, her most prominent TV roles were on '3rd Rock from the Sun' and 'Hawaii Five-0.' And now it looks as though we'll be seeing more of her as Cynthia Cosgrove in the AMC series.