Then: Self-proclaimed inventor (in every sense of the word) Richard Heene made headlines across the globe in 2009 when he and his family staged the infamous Balloon Boy incident. He lied to authorities for media attention, saying his son climbed in a weather balloon and floated away. Ringing any bells?

Now: These days, he's still pitching away, trying to get as much attention and air time as he can but without committing misdemeanors. What's his latest stunt you ask? Aluminum Man, the aluminum foil-covered superhero (you cannot make this stuff up). Warning: once you hear his original theme song and watch his original music video, they will never get out of your head.

That's not all he's been up to. The gear-head blog Jalopnik found Heene at the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association in Las Vegas trying to sell his newest invention called the "Heene Duty," a "truck transformer" for flat bed trucks that transforms into tool boxes, workstations and picnic tables. At least Heene's wife still supports him, even when he goes full-out Billy Mays while pitching his pricy product (you can see her shirtless jumping into his arms).

If that weren't bad enough, he's also still trying to cash in on the reality TV scientist craze, first with his 'Richard Heene: Psyence Detective' (yup, it's "psyence" not "science") concept following his appearance on ABC's 'Wife Swap.' Watch Anderson Cooper simply lose it after seeing the preview.