Oregon running back LaMichael James has earned his spot as one of the best football players in America due to his willingness to run around the football field while large, angry men bent on his destruction chase him around the field. So you can imagine the fun that ensued when it was discovered that James was afraid of a little thing like roller coasters.

The fun started when the Oregon Ducks embarked on the traditional Rose Bowl trip to Disneyland. James and some of his teammates rode the Space Mountain roller coaster and, well, hilarity ensued when teammate Kenjon Barner decided to have some fun at James' expense and posted a tweet showing James (front left below) looking less than enthused about the ride. What's the matter, LaMichael? "Duckface" girl behind you seems to be enjoying herself.

But the fun wasn’t over yet, and this time it would come at Barner’s expense. The picture below shows Barner (front left) looking none-too-pleased with his experience on the California Screamin’ roller coaster. To be fair, James is sitting to Barner’s left and still doesn’t look to be having much fun.

The Ducks just want to get out of Disneyland and back onto the football field, where its safe.

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