Perfect Coaster Pics
Roller coasters can be awesome. The upside down, winding around and freaking out action-- it's all part of the fun for a thrill-seeker. But there's one part that rules above everything else-- the mid-coaster picture.
Dad Sobs Like a Baby on Amusement Park Ride
The internet is awash with videos of people freaking out on thrill rides, but the dad in this video wins points for sobbing like a little girl. Meanwhile, his daughter, who really IS a little girl, laughs and has the time of her life.
10 Guys Freaking Out on Roller Coasters [VIDEO]
Given their terror-inducing nature, roller coasters can turn even the bravest thrill-seekers into whimpering babies. Watch as 10 men get much more than they bargained for on coasters and, for good measure, two giant slingshots. But, really, can anyone blame them? We'd probably cry for our mommi…
Dad Vomits Not Once, But Twice on Roller Coaster Ride [VIDEO]
Even before the roller coaster ride gets going, pops isn't looking so good. After about thirty agonizing seconds of riding, he finally loses his lunch, and actually looks a lot better for it. This video is pretty gross, although not as gross as being the person next to him on the roller coaster…