During the NBA All Star game in February, Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat shattered Kobe Bryant's nose with a hard foul. As a result, the Los Angeles Lakers’ star was forced to wear a clear plastic protective mask over his face for the next 11 games.

Thankfully done with the protective device, Bryant decided to auction it off to raise money for Los Angeles area homeless charities. But "Black Mamba" did a curious thing before the auction began-- he undercut the item's value by joking that we were going to "see if anybody's dumb enough to buy that sweaty mask.”

Well, it turns out an anyomous bidder dropped $67,000 on the mask. But instead of calling him names like “dumb,” we’d like to think he wrote the check because he cares about helping homeless people. (And/or a nice tax write-off.)

Unless, of course, it was the sweaty aspect of the mask that attracted the buyer. But in that case we believe the operative insult would be “creepy.”

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